CCMC Technical bulletin – Update: misrepresentation of Evaluation report CCMC #13417-R for GreenE-Board™

Important update

The following is an additional update to the Canadian Construction Materials Centre’s (CCMC) Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board Advisory dated March 2018. It has been brought to the CCMC’s attention that Jona Panel Sales Inc. is currently misrepresenting the validity of the CCMC Evaluation Report #13417-R covering the product GreenE-Board™. The CCMC Evaluation Report #13417-R covering the product GreenE-Board™ was canceled in February 2018 and removed from the CCMC’s registry of product evaluations. However, the CCMC Evaluation Report #13417-R regarding this product’s CCMC certification is being misrepresented as valid on the company’s website. The CCMC has notified Jona Panel Sales Inc. to remove all references to the CCMC Evaluation Report 13417-R covering the product GreenE-Board™ from its materials and documentation; to date, these actions have not yet been completed.

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The Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation (CCCME) has directed CCMC to issue this (and other) technical bulletins to inform CCMC’s audience, and the Canadian public, of matters of interest related to construction products.