[CCMC evaluation requirements] CSA O112.10-08

From: National Research Council Canada

This document provides a summary of the minimum requirements imposed by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for all evaluations based on the below criteria document. Additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary for a particular evaluation, and are detailed in the individual evaluation.

Criteria document


These evaluations apply to all structural wood adhesives. The prescriptive standards cover phenol and phenol-resorcinol resin adhesives (high-temperature curing), and resorcinol and phenol-resorcinol resin adhesives (room- and intermediate-temperature curing). The performance-based standard covers “exterior exposure” and “limited moisture exposure” adhesives.

Adhesives covered by this standard must be used to bond solid wood materials in structural wood products intended for limited moisture exposure applications. “Limited moisture” refers to conditions where the bond line of the adhesive is stressed to design-load levels only when the moisture content of the surrounding wood is 19% or less (dry service). The moisture content of the wood might occasionally be greater than 19% (e.g., due to accidental wetting); however, the wood is not expected to resist design stress levels when wet. Bond lines exposed to moisture content exceeding 19% have comparable performance to unexposed bond lines, provided that the surrounding wood is allowed to return to dry service conditions (“dry service conditions” means the average moisture content does not exceed 15% during the year, and the maximum moisture content is 19% or less).

Material requirements

The evaluation holder must demonstrate that the product meets the following requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary, and are detailed in the individual evaluation):

Table 1. Performance requirements for physical properties of adhesives for structural wood products (limited moisture exposure)
Property Unit Requirement
Anti-fungal properties Footnote (1) No indication of the presence of fungal growth
pH of cured adhesive film ≥ 2.5
Block shear strength Footnote (2) (dry) MPa ≥ 10
Block shear strength Footnote (2) (vacuum-pressure soak/dry) MPa ≥ 6.5
Block shear strength Footnote (2) (boil-dry-freeze/dry) MPa ≥ 3.7
Delamination resistance % ≤ 1

Creep resistance
A and B1 tests from CSA O112.10

mm ≤ 0.05 for any specimen
mm ≤ 0.25 maximum average

Creep resistance
B2test from CSA O112.10

mm ≤ 0.6 for any specimen
mm ≤ 2.9 maximum average
Table 2. Performance requirements for percent wood failure of adhesives for structural wood products (exterior exposure)
Property Unit Requirement
Lower quartile Footnote (1) Median Footnote (2)
Dry % 75 85
Vacuum-pressure soak/dry or boil-dry-freeze/dry % 75 85

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Installation requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders provide instructions for the installation of the product(s) that:

Manufacturing requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders, at a minimum, demonstrate that the associated production process:

Labelling requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders ensure that product labels:

In addition the standards require that each container bear a label or marking with the following information:

  • manufacturer’s name and lot number;
  • product name;
  • quantity in the container;
  • expiry date after which the material should not be used when stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions; and
  • brief instructions as to the storage and care of the material prior to use.

Classification information

Products falling within the scope of this document are commonly classified by:


  • 06 05 23.02 Wood Adhesives

Published CCMC evaluations

The following products have been evaluated to these requirements by the CCMC:

CCMC number:Manufacturer:Product names:
13511-LBostik Inc.WD3-A322, ISOSET® UX-100
13512-LBostik Inc.ISOSET® UX-100/WD3-A322
13513-LBostik Inc.ISOSET® UX-160/WD3-A322
13586-LHenkel Corporation LOCTITE® HB E-Line PURBOND®
13591-LBostik Inc.ISOSET® WD3-A322 with CX-47
14035-LFranklin Adhesives and Polymers Advantage EP-950A
14111-LLRBG Chemicals Inc. TLR-001 Mixed Adhesive System

Code references

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