[CCMC evaluation requirements] CAN/ULC-S704-11, Type 1, Class 3

From: National Research Council Canada

This document provides a summary of the minimum requirements imposed by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for all evaluations based on the below criteria document. Additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary for a particular evaluation, and are detailed in the individual evaluation.

Criteria document


These evaluations apply to closed-cell polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam thermal insulation in the form of flat, rigid boards covered on both sides with facing material. The rigid boards are intended for use as thermal insulation in building construction. The continuous use temperature is within the –60°C to +93°C range.

These rigid boards are not intended to be used as structural panels.

The standards referenced below provide a basis for evaluating products made with various facing materials (such as paper, fabric, plastic film or metal foil), which has an impact on some physical characteristics. These standards cover only products in which the facing material has been bonded to the foam core in the original foam manufacturing process.

These standards do not apply to products made using fibreboard, perlite board, gypsum board, oriented strandboard (OSB), or any other rigid board, on one or both sides.

Type 1 products are used in wall applications.

Material requirements

The evaluation holder must demonstrate that the product meets the following requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary, and are detailed in the individual evaluation):

Table 1. Technical requirements for closed-cell polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam thermal insulation tested to CAN/ULC-S704-03 and CAN/ULC-S704-11 Type 1, Class 3 products
Property Unit Physical Property Requirements
Compressive strength kPa ≥ 110
Tensile strength, perpendicular to the plane of the facer kPa ≥ 24
Flexural strength kPa ≥ 170
Thermal resistance after conditioning, min. for 25-mm -thick product m2·°C/W 0.97
long-term thermal resistance (LTTR), min. for 50-mm thick product Footnote (1) m2·°C/W 1.80 (CAN/ULC-S704-11) Footnote (2)
Water vapour permeance for 25.4-mm -thick product ng/(Pa∙s∙m2) > 60

Dimensional stability (Width)

at –29°C , ambient (RH) % linear change  ± 2.0
at 80°C, ambient (RH) ≤ ± 2.0
at 70°C , 97% (RH) ≤ ± 2.0

Dimensional stability (Length)

at –29°C , ambient (RH) % linear change ≤ ± 2.0
at 80°C , ambient (RH) ≤ ± 2.0
at 70°C , 97% (RH) ≤ ± 2.0
Water absorption % by volume ≤ 3.5

Dimensional tolerances

width mm +4, –2
length +6, –4
thickness, ≤ 55 mm thick +4, –1.5
thickness, > 55 mm thick +5, –2.5
flatness mm/m < 4
squareness, ≤ 1 200 mm in length < 5
squareness, > 1 200 mm in length < 9

© Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Inc. Reprinted with permission. This material is not the complete and official position of ULC Standards on the referenced subject, which is represented only by the ULC Standard in its entirety.

Installation requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders provide instructions for the installation of the product(s) that:

Manufacturing requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders, at a minimum, demonstrate that the associated production process:

Labelling requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders ensure that product labels:

In addition, as per CAN/ULC-S704-11:

  • product name;
  • ULC standard number;
  • type and class;
  • manufacturer’s name or trademark, address and telephone number;
  • country of manufacture;
  • lot number;
  • a brief generic description of the facing material used;
  • LTTR value;
  • quantity in surface unit;
  • nominal dimension of board; and
  • the warning: “Caution: This product is combustible and shall only be used as specified by the local building code with respect to flame-spread classification and to the use of a suitable thermal barrier when required.”

Classification information

Products falling within the scope of this document are commonly classified by:


  • 07 20 00 Thermal Protection
  • 07 21 13.07 Thermal Insulation - Preformed

Published CCMC evaluations

The following products have been evaluated to these requirements by the CCMC:

CCMC number:Manufacturer:Product names:
13274-LHolcim Solutions and Products CanadaElevate ISOGARDTM CG, Elevate ISOGARDTM GL, Elevate RESISTATM, Elevate ISO 95+ GL
13460-LHunter Panels LLC Xci 286, Xci Foil (Class A), Xci Class A, Xci CG, Xci Foil, H-Shield CG, H-Shield F, Xci CG (Class A), H-Shield

Code references

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