[CCMC evaluation requirements] CAN/ULC-S703-09, Type 2

From: National Research Council Canada

This document provides a summary of the minimum requirements imposed by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for all evaluations based on the below criteria document. Additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary for a particular evaluation, and are detailed in the individual evaluation.

Criteria document


These evaluations apply to treated, wood-based cellulose fibre intended for use as thermal insulation (cellulose fibre insulation (CFI)) in new and existing buildings. The continuous use temperature range is within –60°C to 90°C.

The standard describes this type of CFI. It is defined in CAN/ULC-S703 as follows:

Type 2 is intended for spray application with water or liquid adhesive into open areas regardless of slope (e.g., attics), exposed surfaces (e.g., walls or ceilings) and/or into any open cavity (e.g., wall, floor or ceiling cavities) that may be closed later. This product may also contain internal binders to increase the adhesive/cohesive capabilities of the sprayed fibres in order to reduce settlement and/or ensure it remains in place.

Material requirements

The evaluation holder must demonstrate that the product meets the following requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary, and are detailed in the individual evaluation):

Table 1. Performance requirements for physical properties of Type 2 CFI
Property Unit Requirement
Thermal resistivity m·K/W ≥ 18.5
Open flammability W/cm2 ≥ 0.12
Open flammability permanency W/cm2 ≥ 0.12
Smoulder resistance % ≤ 15
Moisture vapour sorption % ≤ 20
Corrosivness _ No perforations
Fungi resistance _ Fungal growth shall not exceed that of the comparative item.
Separation of chemicals % ≤ 1.5
Design density kg/m3 As determined

Table 2. Additional requirements for a Type 2 product
Property Unit Requirement
Design moisture % ≤ 20
Settlement - open spaces % ≥ 5
Adhesion/cohesion exposed surfaces - Minimum 5 times the mass of the material under the test plate

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Installation requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders provide instructions for the installation of the product(s) that:

Manufacturing requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders, at a minimum, demonstrate that the associated production process:

Labelling requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders ensure that product labels:

Additionally, the standard requires that each bag of insulation be identified with the following information:

  • manufacturer’s name and address;
  • trade name of the product;
  • generic product name;
  • material type and subtype; (e.g., Type 2 (closed cavities));
  • package mass;
  • standard number CAN/ULC-S703;
  • day/month/year of manufacture or traceable code number;
  • coverage table(s) providing the information described in the appropriate subsection of the standard;
  • cautionary note as follows: “CAUTION: Maintain building, electrical, gas and oil safety code required clearances between the insulation and heat-emitting devices, such as fuel-burning appliances, chimney pipes, ducts and vents to these appliances (at least 50 mm) and recessed light fixtures (at least 75 mm) unless approved for insulation contact.”

Note: Cavities that are open during the installation of insulation (e.g., wall, floor or ceiling cavities) may be closed later.

Classification information

Products falling within the scope of this document are commonly classified by:


  • 07 20 00 Thermal Protection
  • 07 21 23 Loose-Fill Insulation
  • 07 21 23.01 Thermal Insulation - Site Applied - Loose Fill

Published CCMC evaluations

The following products have been evaluated to these requirements by the CCMC:

CCMC number:Manufacturer:Product names:
13162-LAPPLEGATEGREENFIBERNatural Fibre Insulation
13318-LAPPLEGATEGREENFIBERApplegate Stabilized Cellulose Type 2 Insulation
13306-LTherm-O-Comfort Company Limited Therm-O-Light (Type 2), Therm-O-Spray, Therm-O-Barrier

Code references

National Building Code of Canada 2015

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A- the Effective Thermal Resistance of Building Envelope Assemblies
Table Applicable to Environmental Separators and Assemblies Exposed to the Exterior
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