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[CCMC evaluation requirements] CAN/CGSB-41.24-95

This document provides a summary of the minimum requirements imposed by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for all evaluations based on the below criteria document. Additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary for a particular evaluation, and are detailed in the individual evaluation.

Criteria document


These evaluations apply to vinyl siding as a flexible material used for exterior wall cladding of buildings. This standard applies to extruded sections produced from rigid compound of polyvinyl chloride intended as siding, soffits and fascia. Its wide range of characteristics includes good durability, light weight and minimal maintenance. It is available in a variety of profiles, colours and surface textures.

Material requirements

The evaluation holder must demonstrate that the product meets the following requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary, and are detailed in the individual evaluation):

Table 1. Material (physical properties)
Property Unit Requirement
Impact resistance (Izod) - Class 1 compound J/m ≥ 80.1
Impact resistance (Izod) - Class 2 compound J/m ≥ 266.9
Tensile strength - Class 1 compound MPa ≥ 44.9
Tensile strength - Class 2 compound MPa ≥ 37.7
Modulus of elasticity - Class 1 compound MPa ≥ 2 483
Modulus of elasticity - Class 2 compound MPa ≥ 2 208
Heat deflection temperature - Class 1 compound °C ≥ 70
Heat deflection temperature - Class 2 compound °C ≥ 70
Thermal expansion coefficient mm/mm °C ≤ 8.1 × 10 −5
Flammability - extent of burning mm ≤ 25
Flammability - time of burn s ≤ 10
Table 2. Siding, soffits and fascia properties
Property Unit Requirement
Colour - Consistent and uniform
Variation of Sspecular gloss - smooth siding - > of 10% or 5 points from specified value
Variation of Sspecular gloss - embossed siding - > of 15% or 8 points from specified value
Shrinkage - siding % ≤ 3.0
Shrinkage - accessories % ≤ 3.0
Warpage - top edge mm ≤ 3.0
Warpage - bottom edge mm ≤ 3.0
Weatherability -- No peeling, flaking, chipping or pitting
Thickness (exposed face) - single wall mm ≥ 1.0
Thickness (exposed face) - double wall mm ≥ 0.7
Thickness (at nailing slot) - single wall mm ≥ 0.9
Thickness (at nailing slot) - double wall mm ≥ 0.9
Impact resistance at 23°C - single wall J ≥ 9.0
Impact resistance at 23°C - double wall J ≥ 6.3
Impact resistance at 0°C - single wall J ≥ 6.8
Impact resistance at 0°C - double wall J ≥ 4.8
Surface distortion (50°C for whites / 55°C for colours) -- Surface must be free from bulges and ripples
Low temperature flexibility -- No cracking or splitting
Low temperature shearability -- No cracking or splitting
Fastener hole size (length) mm ≥ 25
Fastener hole spacing (centre to centre) mm ≤ 50
Drain opening - major dimension mm ≥ 3.0
Drain opening - minor dimension mm ≥ thickness of base material
Drain opening - spacing mm ≤ 450

© Canadian General Standards Board. This standard is withdrawn by CGSB due to limited use and support for their revision. Therefore, the information contained therein may no longer represent the most current, reliable, and/or available information on these subjects. CGSB hereby disclaims any and all claims, representation or warranty.

Installation requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders provide instructions for the installation of the product(s) that:

Manufacturing requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders, at a minimum, demonstrate that the associated production process:

Labelling requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders ensure that product labels:

The vinyl siding is identified on the packaging with the following information:

  • manufacturer’s name or logo;
  • product’s tradename(s);
  • colour of siding; and
  • quantity (expressed in terms of effective coverage).

Classification information

Products falling within the scope of this document are commonly classified by:


  • 07 40 00 Roofing and Siding Panels
  • 07 46 33 Plastic Siding

Published CCMC evaluations

The following products have been evaluated to these requirements by the CCMC:

CCMC number:Manufacturer:Product names:
06419-LMitten Inc.Premium Exterior Building Products
06541-LGentek Building Products LimitedGentek Vinyl Siding
11814-LKaytec Inc. Kaycan Solid Vinyl Siding
12244-LRoyal Building Products (USA) Inc. Cedar, Estate, Journeymen, Royal® Crest, Royal® Woodland, Residential, Architectural
12783-LKaytec Inc. Dutchlap 5, D4 Coloniale, D4 Horizon, Dutchlap 4
13185-LKP Building Products Ltd.Harbor Ridge™, Harbor Ridge™ Rustic, Hardwood Valley II, Northern Star®, Orion, TimberCrest®, TimberCrest® Plus, Waterford®, WestPointe™, Cedar Creek™
13385-LCertainTeed LLC - Siding GroupRestoration Millwork Exterior Trim
14483-LVersatex Building ProductsVersatex Trimboard

Code references

National Building Code of Canada 2015

Code references Code provision siding, including flashing and tri ...
Table Applicable to Environmental Separators and Assemblies Exposed to the Exterior

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