[CCMC evaluation requirements] CAN/CGSB-11.5-M87

From: National Research Council Canada

This document provides a summary of the minimum requirements imposed by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) for all evaluations based on the below criteria document. Additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary for a particular evaluation, and are detailed in the individual evaluation.

Criteria document


These evaluations apply to hardboard pre-coated by priming, staining, pre-finishing or film lamination for exterior cladding. Products evaluated demonstrate that they meet the requirements of CAN/CGSB-11.3-M87, “Hardboard,” for hardboard without a factory-applied finish.

Proponents provided evidence that the products manufactured at their plant are of a quality equal to or greater than the level represented by the sample tested and evaluated.

Material requirements

The evaluation holder must demonstrate that the product meets the following requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the CCMC when necessary, and are detailed in the individual evaluation):

General performance requirements per CAN/CGSB-11.3-M87
Property Unit Requirement
Dimensional tolerance (length and width) mm 0 to −3.2
Thickness mm See Table 3 for thickness requirements
Squareness mm/m Corners must not deviate by more than 1.3 from the right angle.
Physical properties See Table 3
Impact resistance mm Minimum 350 Footnote (1)
Hardness N Minimum 2 600
Nail pull resistance N Minimum 750 Footnote (2)
Lateral nail resistance N Minimum 750 Footnote (3)

General performance requirements per CAN/CGSB-11.3-M87 - accelerated aging (after 6 cycles)
Property Unit Requirement
Residual modulus of rupture (MOR) % Minimum 50 Footnote (4)
Permanent swell % Maximum 15 Footnote (4)
Appearance No serious surface or edge failure (i.e., no delamination and no disintegration)

Additional Testing for Factory-finished Products only per CAN/CGSB-11.5-M87
Property Unit Requirement
Coating appearance The coatings must be commercially uniform in appearance with no defects due to checking, cracking, pinholing or blistering. The colour coating must be commercially uniform and provide a reasonable match with the colour specified
Specular gloss The tolerance must be within ±5% of the agreed gloss, when determined with a 60° geometry on a plain sample
Durability The samples are to be inspected for not more than a slight colour change, no more chalking than that represented by a No. 6 degree of chalking. There should be no checking, cracking or objectionable fibre raising
Water resistance-Water absorption % Maximum 14
Water resistance-Thickness swell % Maximum 5
Moisture content % 3 to 9 when shipped

Physical Properties for Type 5 per CAN/CGSB-11.3-M87
Property Unit Requirement
Nominal thickness mm 9.0 10.5 12.7
Minimum thickness mm 8.3 9.5 11.4
Maximum thickness mm 9.7 11.2 13.3
Minimum MOR MPa 13 13 13
Minimum tensile strength
parallel to surface
MPa 7.0 7.0 7.0
Minimum tensile strength
perpendicular to surface
MPa 0.17 0.17 0.17
Maximum water resistance (after 24 h) - water absorption % 20 20 20
Maximum water resistance (after 24 h) - thickness swell % 8 8 8
Minimum density kg/m3 600 600 600
Maximum linear expansion (at 50%–90% relative humidity (RH) % 0.30 0.30 0.30

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Installation requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders provide instructions for the installation of the product(s) that:

Manufacturing requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders, at a minimum, demonstrate that the associated production process:

Labelling requirements

The CCMC requires that evaluation holders ensure that product labels:

Additionally, in compliance with CAN/CGSB-11.5-M87, Section 6.2, packaging must be marked with the following information:

  • supplier’s name;
  • style of cladding component;
  • finish of cladding component;
  • colour of coating;
  • quantity (for siding panels, expressed in terms of effective coverage); and
  • “CAN/CGSB-11.3-M85.”

Where permanently identifying a product is not possible, other forms and methods of identification may be allowed pending review and approval by CCMC. Where applicable, the product must be marked with:

  • any necessary user safety information, unless a separate information sheet is provided; and
  • any additional information required by applicable acts and regulations.

Classification information

Products falling within the scope of this document are commonly classified by:


  • 07 40 00 Roofing and Siding Panels
  • 07 46 26 Hardboard Siding

Published CCMC evaluations

The following products have been evaluated to these requirements by the CCMC:

CCMC number:Manufacturer:Product names:
07893-LMaibec CanExel S.E.CCanExel Siding
13384-LKWP Inc. Naturetech® Engineered Wood Siding
14058-LFabrication St-Laurent Inc. St-Laurent Hardboard Siding

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