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Code compliance opinion

It is the opinion of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre that the evaluated product, when used as a roofing system in accordance with the conditions and limitations stated in this evaluation, complies with the following code:

National Building Code of Canada 2015

Code provision Solution type Roofs shall be protected with roofing, i ...Acceptable ThicknessAcceptable
9.26.2. Roofing MaterialsAlternative Galvanized Sheet SteelAcceptable

The above opinion is based on the evaluation by the CCMC of technical evidence provided by the evaluation holder, and is bound by the stated conditions and limitations. For the benefit of the user, a summary of the technical information that forms the basis of this evaluation has been included.

  Product information

Product name


Product description

The panels are formed from 0.42-mm-thick aluminum zinc alloy steel sheet metal. The underside of the panels is finished with a corrosion-resistant coating. The upper surface of the panels is finished with an acrylic resin base coat onto which crushed natural stone chips are spread and then covered with an acrylic overglaze (see Figure 1). The panels are interlocked at both horizontal and vertical joints when installed.

Figure 1.

Material layers in the products.

  1. Pure acrylic overglaze
  2. Crushed natural stone chips
  3. Acrylic resin base coat
  4. Acrylic film
  5. Aluminum zinc coating
  6. Base steel
  7. Aluminum zinc coating
  8. Acrylic film

The “GRANITE-RIDGE Shingle” panel is 1 170 mm in overall length of which 1 118 mm is exposed and 397 mm in overall width of which 348 mm is exposed width (course cover). The panel is installed without battens. The “GRANITE-RIDGE Shingle” panel is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2.

“GRANITE-RIDGE Shingle” panel.

  1. Measurement of 1118 mm
  2. Measurement of 1170 mm
  3. Measurement of 348 mm
  4. Measurement of 397 mm
  5. Measurement of 52 mm

The complete roofing system includes accessories such as the starter strip, rake cover, hip and ridge cover, valley and valley cap, reglet and Z-bar.

Manufacturing plants

This evaluation is valid only for products produced at the following plants:

  • Oceanside, California, United States

  Conditions and limitations

The CCMC’s compliance opinion is bound by this product being used in accordance with the conditions and limitations set out below.

  • The panels must be installed on roofs having a minimum slope of 1 in 3.
  • The panels must be installed over solid sheathing complying with the requirements of Subsection 9.23.16., Roof Sheathing, of Division B of the NBC 2015.
  • Flashing must be installed in compliance with the requirements of Subsection 9.26.4., Flashing at Intersections, of Division B of the NBC 2015.
  • The panels must be installed with eave protection as indicated in Subsection 9.26.5., Eave Protection for Shingles and Shakes, of Division B of the NBC 2015.
  • The panels must be installed with an underlay consisting of two layers of Type 15 organic felt or one layer of Type 30 organic felt complying with the requirements of Subsection 9.26.6., Underlay beneath Shingles, of Division B of the NBC 2015.
  • Only fasteners and accessories supplied by the manufacturer may be used in conjunction with the products. The fasteners and accessories must be compatible with the base metal of the panels.
  • The panels must be installed in strict conformance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The roofing systems are for use in locations where access is limited for maintenance or repair purposes. When access is needed, temporary walkways or roof boards are recommended to avoid any permanent damage to the panels.
  • The product or its packaging must be clearly identified with the phrase “CCMC 14113-R.”

  Technical information

This evaluation is based on demonstrated conformance with the following criteria:

Evaluation requirements
Criteria number Criteria name
CCMC-TG-074113-15ACCMC Technical Guide for Metal Roof Panels
Material requirements
Galvanized and aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel base material requirements and performance data
Property Requirement Result
Thickness (mm) ≥ 0.33 0.42
Thickness of aluminum-zinc coating (g/m2) ≥ 150 171
Flexibility No flaking or micro-cracking Pass
Humidity resistance No formation of blisters Pass
Salt spray resistance ≥ 7 rating Pass
Durability Slight colour change; not greater than No. 8 degree of chalking; no flaking or cracking Pass


Performance requirements

Traffic load test

Under an applied load of 890 N, the panel withstood the force without permanent distortion.

Wind uplift

Results of testing the wind uplift of "GRANITE-RIDGE shingle"Table footnote footnote (1)
Pressure (kPa) Requirement Result
1.4 No evidence of deformation, permanent damage or failure Pass
2.9 No evidence of deformation, permanent damage or failure Pass
4.3 No evidence of deformation, permanent damage or failure Pass
9.1Table footnote footnote (2) No evidence of deformation, permanent damage or failure Plywood fastener pull-through


Dynamic pressure water infiltration resistance

Results of testing the dynamic pressure water infiltration resistance of "GRANITE-RIDGE shingle"Table footnote footnote (1)
Wind speed (km/h)Table footnote footnote (2) Simulated rainfall (L/m2•min) Duration (min) Requirement Result
50 3.4 15 No leakage or damage Pass
110 3.4 15 No leakage or damage Pass
140 3.4 15 No leakage or damage Pass
170 3.4 5 No leakage or damage Pass


Other technical evidence

Additional performance data requested by the report holder

Data in this section do not form part of CCMC’s opinion in Section 1.

Granular mineral surfacing

Results of testing the granule adhesion of the products
Sample Average initial weight (g) Average final weight (g) Average weight loss (g)
Colour quartz 65.074 64.985 0.096
Roofing granule 63.88 63.71 0.176


Administrative information


This evaluation is issued by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), a part of the Construction Research Centre at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The evaluation must be read in the context of the entire CCMC Registry of Product Assessments and the legislated applicable building code in effect.

The CCMC was established in 1988 on behalf of the applicable regulator (i.e., the provinces and territories) to ensure—through assessment—conformity of alternative and acceptable solutions to regional building codes as determined by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) as part of the issuance of a building permit.

It is the responsibility of the local AHJs, design professionals, and specifiers to confirm that the evaluation is current and has not been withdrawn or superseded by a later issue. Please refer to the website or contact:

Canadian Construction Materials Centre
Construction Research Centre
National Research Council of Canada
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0R6
Telephone: 613-993-6189
Fax: 613-952-0268

The NRC has evaluated the material, product, system or service described herein only for those characteristics stated herein. The information and opinions in this evaluation are directed to those who have the appropriate degree of experience to use and apply its contents (i.e., AHJs, design professionals and specifiers). This evaluation is only valid when the product is installed in strict compliance with the stated conditions and limitations of evaluation and the applicable local building code. In circumstances where no applicable local building permit is issued and that no confirmation of compliance ‘for use in the intended field application’ is undertaken, this evaluation is null and void in all respects. This evaluation is provided without representation, warranty, or guarantee of any kind, expressed, or implied, and the NRC provides no endorsement for any evaluated material, product, system or service described herein. The NRC accepts no responsibility whatsoever arising in any way from any and all use and reliance on the information contained in this evaluation with respect to its compliance to the referenced code(s) and standard(s). The NRC is not undertaking to render professional or other services on behalf of any person or entity nor to perform any duty owed by any person or entity to another person or entity.


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