CCMC online application

Before you apply

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a CCMC product assessment. It is important that you review the following information before you apply.

Application support

A CCMC assessment is a technical process. It requires knowledge of the product, the manufacturing process and proper (Canadian code compliant) product installation methods. Applicants who do not have a technical understanding of their product, experience in conformity assessment, or basic knowledge of code requirements for installation, are advised to seek support before applying.

Resources for application support

Get help with your product

You must have a fully developed product to be eligible for a CCMC assessment. If you require assistance with your product development or to finalize your product design, we recommend you contact a technically competent organization that is familiar with product development and Canadian construction code requirements, such as the National Research Council of Canada.

Get help with documenting your production processes and installation requirements

You are required to have documented production and quality processes, as well as a documented set of installation requirements, that meet CCMC minimum documentation requirements to be eligible for a CCMC assessment. If you require assistance, we recommend you contact technically competent organization that is familiar with manufacturing processes and quality system documentation, or with installation documentation and Canadian construction code requirements.

For more information contact the CCMC at or 613-990-1677.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a CCMC product assessment, you must be:

  • a product manufacturer
  • a Canadian distributor (this includes private labellers)
  • an industry association that represents multiple manufacturers
  • other legal entity, at the discretion of the CCMC

Additionally, you must:

  • be able to correspond in at least one official Canadian language
  • be a legally registered business entity
  • have a fully developed product
  • have a documented quality system
  • have documented product installation instructions

Products under development (where the composition, manufacturing process and/or installation technique are not yet determined) are not eligible for CCMC assessment.

Submission requirements

Eligible applicants will be required to submit the following information. 

  • legal company information
  • a technical contact
  • a detailed description of the product(s)
  • the desired intended use of the product
  • a documented quality system
  • a set of installation instructions
  • a desktop-sized sample of the product

Applications not supported by submission requirements may be closed after 90 days.

Submit an application

By proceeding to the online form, you agree that:

  • you will submit upon request all of the information listed above,
  • you meet all eligibility requirements, and
  • you are seeking a CCMC product assessment.

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After you apply

Once we have received your application, you will be sent an email requesting the submission of documentation and a desktop-sized sample of your product.

Important: CCMC applications remain active for 90 days. If no information is received within 90 days, your application may be closed.

If you require assistance, please contact us.