CCMC application - administrative and eligibility information

Note: The Applicant refers to the party applying for a CCMC evaluation, usually the product manufacturer, a major component supplier or a Canadian distributor of the product.

  1. To be eligible for an evaluation, the Applicant must fulfill the following criteria:
    1. The Applicant must be an individual or a duly authorized officer of a corporate body licensed to conduct business in Canada.
    2. The Applicant must be in a position to exercise control over the quality of the product submitted for evaluation or over its distribution in Canada.
    3. The Applicant must agree to inform CCMC of any licensees or submanufacturers who may be granted the right to manufacture all or part of the evaluated product.
  2. A CCMC evaluation number will not be issued for a product until such product is fully developed and production facilities are in place and operable.
  3. A CCMC evaluation is undertaken in respect to a product manufactured, assembled or processed at a particular manufacturing facility and will apply only to products manufactured at that facility. If a new manufacturing facility is to be added to an existing Evaluation Listing or Report, partial or complete testing of the product, manufactured at that particular facility, may be required.
  4. A CCMC Evaluation Listing or Report is valid for one year. Its validity, however, may be renewed annually upon receipt of an affidavit affirming the fact that the product continues to be in commercial production and is unchanged from the product last evaluated.
  5. Construction products must be re-evaluated at three-year intervals. Partial or complete re-testing may be required at re-evaluation depending on the nature of the product, the manufacturing process, date of last testing and changes to requirements in codes and standards.
  6. Evaluation Listings and Reports are published using metric units. Imperial equivalents can be shown in a secondary position if requested by the Applicant. All test results and information provided by the Applicant must be in metric units or show metric equivalents.
  7. NRC holds the copyright with respect to all CCMC publications, except that the Applicant of a product with a valid CCMC evaluation number may reproduce the Evaluation Report or Listing in its entirety without any alteration. The Applicant must refer to the evaluation number as follows: "CCMC XXXXX-L" or "CCMC XXXXX-R." This reference must be located in a visible and legible manner on the product itself or, if this is not possible, another suitable location (e.g. container, packaging, shop drawings) may be allowed at CCMC's discretion.