Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation

The CCMC operates under the general policy and technical advice of the Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation (CCCME). The CCCME was established by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to:

  • support innovation and technology transfer, as well as productivity and competitiveness in the Canadian construction industry; and
  • enhance public safety in the built environment through:
    • the development and maintenance of a technically and administratively sound system for the evaluation of new products that has national and international credibility
    • the promotion, on a national basis, of product information and listing services based on recognized product standards, and
    • the encouragement of the export of Canadian construction products and services.

Mode of operation


  • meets at least annually, usually in Ottawa
  • advises NRC on the overall administration of the CCMC
  • is responsible for providing policy direction on all matters pertaining to the operation of the CCMC and for ensuring the reliability and quality of technical decisions and reporting
  • is responsible for providing a mechanism for responding to the needs of the provinces and territories of Canada, as identified in the memorandum of understanding on the CCMC between NRC and the provinces and territories, and
  • is responsible for developing and overseeing an equitable system for dealing with disputes arising from its operations, including disputes with product proponents and users arising from evaluations carried out under its direction.

To assist in discharging its responsibilities, the CCCME may establish standing committees, sub-committees, and task groups.