Benefits of the CCMC

For over 30 years Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) assessments have been recognized by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) across Canada.

We are the only construction code compliance assessment service operated and fully supported by the Government of Canada.

As a result, our clients get broad market acceptance across the country. We have helped hundreds of manufacturers get thousands of innovative products approved by providing efficient compliance and getting their products to market earlier.

The many benefits of a CCMC code compliance assessment include:

  • recognition by Canadian AHJ
  • expertise from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC)'s Construction Research Centre
  • collaboration with NRC's Codes Canada team
  • consultation with regulators

The CCMC works with construction authorities across Canada to ensure our work addresses the relevant national and local requirements. This maximizes the acceptance of our assessments and the approvals of your products.

The CCMC assessment process often includes consultation with Canadian construction regulators such as the senior regulators from the Provincial/Territorial Policy Advisory Committee on Codes to ensure that we understand how Canadian regulators are interpreting and applying the codes. 

Additionally, as a member of the Alliance of Canadian Building Official Associations, the CCMC is informed of important topics that may impact our product assessments.

CCMC certification
CCMC evaluation

Figure 1. Example of the CCMC mark used on certified and evaluated products once an assessment has been successfully completed.

NRC financial support

As part of the NRC, one of the CCMC's core mandates is to support the advancement of innovation in Canadian construction. We understand that bringing a product to market can be costly.

However, a CCMC product assessment may be eligible for financial support through: