Directory of accredited calibration laboratories


To confirm the expiry date of a CLAS certificate, please check the SCC Scope of Accreditation. The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is legally responsible for granting accreditation and sets the expiry dates. CLAS removes a laboratory from the directory if an accreditation is no longer valid.

Laboratory Name Certificate Number Field of calibration City Province/State Calibration type
Analytiqs Inc. 2008-01 Volume, Time and frequency, Thermometry Dorval Québec Piston pipette, Centrifuge (refrigerated or not), Temperature, Timer
BHD instrumentation Ltd 2015-03 Electrical (DC and LF) Winnipeg Manitoba Voltage, Current, resistance, frequency, RTD, Capacitance
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission 2016-05 Ionizing radiation Ottawa Ontario gamma ray beam, Reference ion chamber, Electronic Personal Dosimeters, Field gamma survey instrument
CCR Process Products 93-01 Pressure Kanata Ontario Pressure, pneumatic
Centre collégial de transfert de technologie en télécommunication (C2T3) 2008-02 Time and frequency Trois-Rivières Québec frequency
Contrôles Laurentides Limité 2012-03 Mechanical, Electrical (dc), Temperature Kirkland Québec Pressure, indicators and gauges, Current, Thermometer: Resistance
Dispersion Laboratory division of Transcat Canada Inc. 2010-01 Mass, Volume Montréal Québec mass, Balances (Electronic, non-automatic), Piston Pipette
Environment Canada, WST Calibration Laboratory 90-01 Chemical, Electrical, Humidity, Mechanical, Thermometry Burlington Ontario Turbidity, pH, Conductivity, voltage, current, resistance, humidity, pressure, temperature
FireflySci Canada 2017-01 Photometry and Radiometry Ottawa Ontario Wavelength, Absorbance
Fluke Electronics Canada L.P. 95-02 Electrical, Frequency and time, Thermometry Mississauga Ontario Phase, Resistance, voltage, AC/DC Transfer, Current, clamp calibration, Triangular Waveform, Square Waveform, AC Wideband, Capacitance, Thermocouple simulation, Rise Time, Resistance Temperature Devices
FortisBC Energy Inc. 2013-01 Mechanical Penticton British Columbia flow
GAVTT Precision Balances Limited 2003-03 Balances Mississauga Ontario Balances, electronic, non automatic
IKM Testing Canada Ltd 2012-01 Mechanical Paradise Newfoundland Mechanical
Industrial Technology Centre 2001-02 Dimensional, Mechanical Winnipeg Manitoba Steel gauge block, Ceramic gauge block, Chromium Carbide gauge block,Gauge block, Cylindrical ring gauge, Cylindrical plug gauge, Thread wire, Micrometer, Caliper, Extensometer, Actuator Travel, Mechanical, vacuum, pressure, tenssion, force testing machines, hardness
Institut de recherche d'Hydro-Québec 95-01 Electrical (dc and lf), Time and Frequency, Thermodynamics Varennes Québec Capacitance, current, ampere, phase, energy, power, ratio, resistance, Thermocouples, sensors and thermometers
Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail (IRSST) 94-01 Acoustical, Electrical (dc & ac), Frequency, Mechanical Montréal Québec Acoustic calibrators, sound level meters, Acoustical, electrical, weightings, Level linearity, gaz flow
Instrumentation Saint-Laurent Inc. 2010-02 Electrical (dc & lf), Frequency, Mechanical, Temperature St-Joseph du Lac Québec voltage, curent, resistance, Thermocouple simulation, frequency, Pneumatic, direct read, liquid in glass thermometers
Instruments Canada Company Ltd. 2002-04 Electrical, Temperature, Mechanical, Frequency and time Mississauga Ontario current, voltage, resistance, Thermocouple, thermometer, Timers, Pressure indicators and gauges, Vacuum gauges, Liquid in glass thermometers, Radiation Thermometry
Interweigh Systems Inc. 2013-02 Mechanical Markham, Mississauga Ontario mass, weighing systems, industrial scales
La Cie J. Chevrier Instruments Inc. 2016-01 Mechanical, Temperature Montréal-Nord Québec Pressure indicators, Differential or static pressure
Mandel Scientific Company Inc. 2010-03 Volume Guelph Ontario Piston pipette
Measurement Canada 2009-03 Temperature, Pressure, Gas Flow, Liquid Volume, Mass, Electricity Ottawa Ontario Thermometers, Pneumatic: Gauge pressure, Rotary Meters, Dimensional determination (strapping) of Gas Bell proving systems, Small Volume Pipe prover
Measurements International Ltd. 2004-01 Electrical dc & ac Prescott Ontario Resistance,Voltage, current, Capacitance, High voltage divider, Current transformers
Mesurepro Inc. 2016-04 Thermometry, Mechanical Boisbriand Québec Thermistor and Resistance Temperature Detector, Liquid in glass thermometers, Radiation Thermometry, Infrared radiation thermometers, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Clockwise and Counterclockwise
Miller Instruments Ltd. 94-03 Electrical (dc & lf), Frequency & Time, Mechanical, Thermodynamic, Dimensional, Photometric & Radiometric Burnaby British Columbia current, Power, AC, Resistance, DC, resistors, Voltage, Conductivity, simulators, Thermocouple simulation, Pneumatic deadweight tester, Hydraulic deadweight tester, Pressure, Vacuum, Gauge block, Gauge block, Gauge block, Cylindrical ring gauge, Scales
Mitutoyo Canada Inc. Calibration Laboratory 2003-05 Dimensional, Mechanical Mississauga Ontario Gauge block CLTM-7, steel, Ceramic, Gauge Block, Tubular, Indicator tester, bore gauge, digital, caliper, Vernier, projector, Mu-checker, Riser block, checkmaster, Micrometer, granite or steel, Granite, Mitutoyo contracer and form tracers, Rockwell hardness testers, Vickers and Knoop micro
NAV CANADA Inc. 2013-03 Electrical (dc and low frequency) Ottawa Ontario Electrical (dc and low frequency)
Nordion Dosimetry Laboratory 2018-01 Ionizing Radiation Kanata Ontario dosimetry,
Polycontrols 2009-02 Mechanical Brossard Québec Gas, flow, Volumetric, Density
Pro-Technique Québec inc. 2008-03 Electrical (DC and LF), Frequency Québec Québec voltage, density, current, Capacitance, Thermocouple
Rio Tinto Alcan 2005-03 Mass Jonquière Québec Balances, Microbalance, Analytic balance
SEP Métrologie 2019-01 Dimensional Granby Québec Gauge block, Cylindrical ring gauge, Cylindrical plug gauge, 60 degree thread plug gauge and adjustable thread plug gauge, Indicators, Height Gauges, Micrometer, Caliper, Roundness, Diameter
Select Calibration Incorporated 2015-02 Dimensional Rodney Ontario Coordinate Measuring Machines, CMM, Gauge, laser, spere, repeatability
SRP Control Systems Ltd. 2015-01 Electrical (dc and low frequency), Pressure, Temperature Mississauga Ontario Electrical, Pressure, Absolute pressure measurement, Electrical Calibration of Temperature Indicators and Simulators
Stephens Analytical, Inc. 94-02 Humidity St-Laurent Québec Humidity, Dew Point Temperature, Volume Ratio V
Tool & Assembly Systems Inc 2018-02 Force Brampton Ontario Torque Tools Clockwise
Tool & Assembly Systems LLC 2018-03 Force Auburn Hills Michigan Torque Tools Clockwise
TransCanada Calibrations Ltd. 2005-04 Mechanical, Thermodynamics Île Des Chênes Manitoba Flow, High Pressure Natural Gas, Pressure, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Temperature, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Temperature sensors
Transcat Canada - Burlington 2000-03 Dimensional, Hardness, Force, Pressure, Electrical, Time and Frequency Burlington Ontario Dimensional, Force, Pressure, Gauges, Controllers, Transducers, Hardness, Time, Frequency, Electrical, Oscilloscope, Current clamp calibration, Electrical Calibration of Temperature Indicators and Simulators
Transcat Canada - Ottawa 2016-02 Dimensional, Electrical, Force, Time and Frequency, Mass, Pressure, Thermometry, Humidity Ottawa Ontario Micrometers, Anvil Flatness, Calipers, Dial Indicators, Height Equipment and Measure, Current, Current clamp calibration, Clamp-on Ammeter Toroidal Type, Clamp-on Ammeter Non-Toroidal Type, Power, Phase, Capacitance, Resistance, Electrical Calibration of Temperature Indicators and Simulators, Thermocouple simulation, Oscilloscope, Tension, Compression, Torque, Balances, thermometers, RTD, PRT, Thermistor probes, Dry Blocks, Liquid Baths, Thermocouples Wires and Probe, Relative Humidity, Relative Humidity Controlled Chambers
Trillium Measurement Control 2018-04 Mechanical Markham Ontario Flow, Liquid flow, Mass flow, Volumetric flow, Volume
Ulrich Metrology 96-01 Dimensional, Mechanical, Electrical, Temperature, Humidity, Frequency, Vibration Montréal Québec Gauge block, Cylindrical ring gauge, Cylindrical plug gauge, Cylindrical pin gauge, Thread wire, 60 degree thread plug gauge and thread setting plug gauge, 60 degree adjustable thread ring gauge, Pipe thread plug gauge, Force, Torque wrenches, screwdrivers, Pressure, Pressure gauges, Voltage, current, Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, Current clamp calibration, Oscilloscope, Electrical calibration of temperature indicators and simulators, Thermocouple simulation, RTD simulation, Acoustic, Accelerometers, Time, Frequency, Tachometers, Thermometry, Liquid bath, dry well, Thermometers, RTD, PRT and thermistor probes, Digital thermometers (thermocouples), Relative Humidity, Relative Humidity Controlled Chambers
Universal Quality Solutions Inc. 2016-03 Mechanical Mississauga Ontario Mechanical
Vogon Laboratory Services Ltd. 2019-02 Temperature Cochrane Alberta Temperature